B is for bamboos and bluebells

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 13.15.35How sorry am I? Very. Plant bamboo they said. It’s structural, exotic. Pandas love it.

What they didn’t say is how stubborn it is, how rampant and how difficult to rein in it is. It was planted as a fast-growing solution to hiding the border side of the boiler, and wouldn’t you know, the heat that escapes from the boiler funnel acts like an incubator for the stuff.

It did do what it was supposed to, granted. The boiler is well and truly hidden behind a thicket of 10-foot canes. And in fact, the pruning every spring provides the canes needed throughout the garden every summer. I suppose I should just give in gracefully and buy a panda.

Bluebells on the other hand are exquisite. We haven’t got any, but there’s a riverside walk not far from us where they spread out every late April to May underneath a canopy of ancient trees.

2 thoughts on “B is for bamboos and bluebells

  1. Beautiful pictures… I was interested in the name “Aine” and proceeded to look it up, discovering she is an Irish love goddess. I love the pictures, especially of the sidebarpics. Do you live in Ireland, perhaps? I’m 82, so I’m not after anything; I just take an interest in what goes on. Best regards to you. Ruby aka “Blabbin’ Grammy” (from Texas, USA)

  2. 🙂 Thanks Ruby, aka Blabbin Grammy, the ‘Irish Love Goddess’ made me smile – so far from reality it’s truly funny. However, I too love the pix, and the sidebar pic was my garden last year. Hope all’s well in Texas, USA xx

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