Z is for zephyr lilies and zinnias

Zed. Hallelujah.

Allelu. Pwilllaloo. Agus anois, níl an poc ar buile, mar tá a chuid oibre criochnaithe.*

Zephyr Lilies from davesgarden.com

Zephyr Lilies from davesgarden.com


Zephyr lilies and zinnias from Dave’s Garden for American readers, gardeners and fellow April Challengers. I’ve just sent a note to the good people at davesgarden.com asking if they don’t mind that I link to them for my project. Obviously, I’m hoping they say yes. Even if they say no, I’m still going to link to them. Why? Because they’ve got this gardening thing down to a fine art, but they’ve also got this internet thing, down to a fine art. Have a wee look at the screenshot below: it’s got the name of the family your flower is in, along with a pronunciation (and in this esperanto world, Lord knows, we all need help sounding out words), but JOY OF JOYS, it’s a very friendly forum, it tells you where you can buy what you need, AND if there’s anyone willing to trade that item at the moment.


Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 06.39.12





That’s it folks. I hope you enjoyed the April Challenge as much as I did.

And so we have time for a little song…..



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