L is for Lavandula, Lilac, Lily and Loofah gourd

IMG_0268We get masses and masses of heady perfume from the lavender hedge that cuts across the front garden. When it blooms this year, I’ll replace this winter picture with a shot of it in all its purple glory. Early summer too we get an annual crop of Lilac blossoms to adorn the kitchen table, though because the bushes are very old, a lot of the blooms are way too high to collect easily. So there’s a scramble up the ladder every year to get at them. I had a couple of day lilies one summer that seem to have gone by the wayside, like the gladioli I had in that same bed, pfft!! disappeared without a trace. But I’ve had much more success with arum lilies that clump ever taller and wider each year. However. Until I started researching these posts, I had no clue where loofahs came from. Now that I know they’re gourds, they’ve been put top of the list for inclusion this year.

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