Chai for chi

Delicious, sweet and savory.

Delicious, sweet and savory.

The diet and worms: today’s weigh in confirmed I’m 10st 5 lbs and the régime is tumbling along in the right direction. I’ve regressed to adding coffee, breakfast tea with milk, drinking chocolate, powdered stock drinks and even Lemsips to the virtuous menu of allowed beverages on the 5:2 diet. However, the chai for chi plan seems to be working as I’m getting more achieved every day since before I started the weight loss lark.

Last week the aim was to find more flavors in the Lily’s Teashop and the Pure Green smoothies ranges to titillate the tastebuds and keep the reduction of my appetite tilted towards replacing the bad habits with marginally better ones. On Monday I walked to a neighboring town to build up brownie points for an hour before finding the Coffee Scene cafe in Malahide that’s listed on Pure Green’s stockists list. I’d been cruelly disappointed the day before by my own eejitry so I rewarded myself with a beet version and used it as a gazpacho for brunch to go with scrambled eggs on toast.

Cold and sweet was the perfect relief for three-quarters of an hour fast walking, and while my vegan lunch companion shrugged at the readymade, preserved version of the vitamins and minerals contained in the c.130 calorie ‘soup’, I relished it. Neither my psyche nor my wallet is quite ready for a three-day or five-day detox as recommended by the makers and delivered to your door, but I want to keep it in mind when out and about on low-calorie days.

Home blends: Not as convenient but great for veg you've to use quickly.

Home blends: Not as convenient but great for veg you’ve to use quickly.

The particular eejitry I mentioned is that I got a recipe on Facebook from a friend for a homemade version. Delivered just as I love it: the picture lists everything you need to know. I knew I had those ingredients in the fridge but forgot they’d been there since the New Year’s Resolution plans and were only good for the compost.

Thinking of which, we’ve three separate spaces for compost in the garden and I must get a wormery going properly to break them down into usable fertilizer.

Although now is the time to plan the summer’s planting and calendar of tasks, and we’ve an exciting new glasshouse to fit into the schedule, our clay soil and hard-landscaping means that beets, carrots and onions probably won’t be included in the vegetable patch again this year. But the glasshouse and new ‘planting out’ bed means we’ll have more than tomatoes, chilies and herbs.







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