These remnants of Harlequin fabric were taken from the store of “stuff bought like Homer’s attracted to doughnuts and Duff beer” about six weeks ago and have already been tried out as sham Austrian blinds. Himself (as hereafter the hubbie will be called) laughed for a week at my Nellie Olsen approach to home décor, so the good work done on them got re-routed into covers for the window seats.

The piece of light cotton was pushed into service initially to add colour to that side of the room, to pick up the vivid colours painted on their opposite walls (the revamping of the kitchen has been taking place since September last year when I got the walls painted as a birthday treat) and I’d rather use the happy stripes indoors, year-round than just for summer on deck chairs as I’d romanticised when buying the fabric.

The good work done on them (when I’d hauled myself back out of the Nellie Olsen prettiness) pared back from embroidered swags to two pieces of straight, lined fabric that looked just as good at thigh height as it did overhead in a block of half-moons of saturated colour above the window. What they’d replace was another light cotton cover for the foam cushions, which had been piped and zipped professionally for easy removal for laundry.

I’m nowhere near able to use the old cushion covers as a template for new ones as where the stripes fall on the shape of the cushions makes it a more time-consuming job than a morning’s work. So for now the sewing project on the window seats is to tack the stripey cotton onto the odd-shaped cushions until I’ve time to cut that fabric and resew it with zips and piping. (Projected completion date: 12th of never.)


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